About Me


I like writing. I like fighting. I am the toughest, the best, always right…


Truth? I feel insecure about writing and don’t do it enough. I lost my first (and only) cage fight. I act tougher than I know how to be when confronted with situations where I need to be strong and assertive. I’m a baby when no one is challenging me to be otherwise, I’m quite mediocre, and find myself shocked when it’s someone else’s turn to be right.

But I am seeing something solid under the tangling of insecurities and wish-I-was-betters. I’m determined. I’m sure my parents will tell you they knew this from the first time I stomped my little gray cowboy boots, but fear of failure hides even the best qualities.

Truth? If I keep trying, I’m not failing. If I stay determined, my failures become a journey towards all the dreams I sometimes want to change to something easier.

And because I do want to be a writer, and am determined, I have been writing at She Fights Hard for 4 years now! Don’t judge me too harshly; my writing skills have improved from that first post. I recommend beginning at the Seven Things posts, and coming along from there. :)


My name is Sevender Roy, I live in RVA, and you can email me if you want to – sevender.roy@gmail.com


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