2016 Goals Community Linkup

If you needed an encouraging, motivational start to your week, you’re in the right place! Because today, we’re going to talk about GOALS. Your goals!

They may come from last year’s resolutions. They may be born of doing that thing you wanted to quit one time too many. They may be the seeds of a dream you’re brave enough to fling from your palms onto the field of your future. They may be the whisper of an idea you’d like to pursue, a glint of something that wouldn’t fix your happiness, but would add joy to your life.

Whatever they are, whatever form they take, we all have them.

Last Wednesday, I shared the final segment of my 2016 Goals. I sat to write the post one way, but the end result stunned me in the best kind of way – I began the post alone, but finished surrounded by community. That sense of community inspired me to try a blog linkup for the first time.

So now I will step away from the platform and introduce the following four lovely, brave women and their blog posts about their goals for 2016!


Angela Leffel – Who is she? She is an adopted child of God. She is a single mom of four who adopted all her wonderful kids as older children. She is a struggling parent who messes up a lot, but is learning more about grace from her Heavenly Father and from friends who are good models of parenting with grace (for their kids and themselves). She is a teacher, who learned a lot about parenting from that job!

Angela blogs over at Heated And Hammered. In her 2016 Goals post, she shares how sometimes getting your goals out there is just recognizing the things you are already working towards and sharing them. Be inspired by her goals HERE.


Julie McClay lives in Virginia’s beautiful Shenandoah Valley with her high school sweetheart (and husband of 24 years) and 5 of their 8 children. She is learning that while it can be painful to face the past honestly while living in the moment and looking towards the future, it can be healing and lead to the hope of a brighter future. She digs through these thoughts and feelings at compostingtheheart.com.

Julie’s 2016 Goals Post is honest about the courage and vulnerability it takes to put your heart where others can see it, and also about the intentionality needed to pursue goals.


Rachel Marsh celebrated her birthday last week. She also celebrates sandwiches, brunch, and laughing really loud at anything funny. When she’s not working her day job or using improv practice as another excuse to be goofy, you’ll find her at some random coffee shop in Church Hill, writing. (Or wandering around the shop, refilling other people’s water cups, and talking about her birthday party.) She freelances for Richmond Navigator and authors the weekly 5 Things column for RVA News, and blogs over at leggy Blonde.

Rachel is big on accomplishing new year’s resolutions and wrote her list for this year HERE.


Stephanie has been married to her programmer husband for 7.5 years and finds herself living her dream staying home with her two boys with baby #3 on the way. While it doesn’t always feel dreamy, she’s learning to embrace the day to day chaos as well as figuring out her identity outside of 24/7 “Mama”. You can read more about her adventures at koiandmomas.blogspot.com.

Stephanie sets goals that can be accomplished in a day to day kind of way, and it’s a refreshing read for anyone who struggles with striving towards goals so much they forget where they’re at. Read her post HERE.


Many, many thanks to these women for sharing and joining in the 2016 Goals party!

It’s not too late for YOU to join in! Comment below to share some of the goals on your heart this year.


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