I’m a feminist

because I believe the sexes are equal.

Humanity was created in the image of God. “Male and female He created them.” Since we as Christians believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, we probably shouldn’t go back to change his wording to say “Let us make mankind in our image and then make a woman so man can rule over her along with the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, etc. etc. . . . so male He created them.”

God actually considered both male and female to be reflections of His image. He commissioned both male and female to rule over the earth. He gave them everything He made. He called them both good.

Yeah, man was created first. Woman was created from his rib. She was called woman because she was made out of a man’s body. But how was that a negative thing or an indicator of who was in charge of who? Adam said “This is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh.” Read: This is me. We are one. We are the same.

Do you know when positions were made inequal? The Fall. Yeah. Woman mistrusted God first and broke the one rule He gave mankind. Her husband WAS WITH HER and ate the same fruit moments later. Don’t pretend Adam had no control over the situation and was helpless in his complicity – don’t perpetuate the false idea that man can’t control his impulses when it comes to a woman.

Woman sinned for the first time. Man sinned for the first time. They hid their bodies from each other for the first time and hid from God, the One they were accustomed to walk alongside every evening. And then, the curses. The tempter was cursed to crawl on the ground, under intense hatred until death. The woman was cursed with negative ties to childbirth and an endless battle against men for rulership. Man received the curse of a sorrowful earth, and the dust of death.

With every curse, we look to heaven and long for the day when Jesus will come and the earth will be reset to the way God intended it. We long for healed relationships. We long to walk with God in the beautiful world, remade.

How did only the curse on women become normalized? When did the curse, “Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you,” become a command? Why do men tromp on women in the name of Biblical gender roles when those roles were a result of the curse of being separated from God and the way He intended things. 

If we’re Christians looking forward to salvation, shouldn’t we be restoring the world for God’s glory? Shouldn’t we strive to bring healing and live in the way God created us to live? Shouldn’t women be valued as equally created in the image of God, no strings or asterisks or disclaimers attached? One with man, the same responsibility toward the earth as man, unashamed to interact with and work alongside each other?

*See the origins of men and women in Genesis chapters 1, 2, and 3.